The longest trip ever

In case anyone thought our trip to Europe was all swanning around in national parks drinking lunchtime beers and playing on waterslides:


Since we’re leaving tomorrow for 5 days away, I thought it would be a good time to revisit our trip back from Slovakia in July, minutely logged and excruciatingly painful, to dull my excitement a bit. It took us 11 hours to drive 450 kilometres, mainly for reasons which the log will make clear.

9:30- leave

9:35- kids demand pretzels

9:50 – poo stop (unproductive)

10:00- the cornflake course begins

10:15- Maja vomits on car seat

10:35- stop for water and another vomit (I want to vomit on the ants)

10:47: start driving again

10:48- I want a sausage. I want  more sausage. I want to go back.

10:51-I want to vomit on the grass

11;00- Maja asleep

11:02- stop to look at dam

11:50- wee stop (adults). Maja wakes up.

12:12- I give in and give them the little cars I have bought for emergencies. We have…

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