Barefoot performances at Eurovision


Considering that the blog is called “Barefoot-Eurovision,” this post was probably due for some time…

Sandie Shaw (United Kingdom 1967)

UK’s first Eurovision win (with 4 more to follow), and as far as I’m concerned, she is the first barefoot ESC winner. Doesn’t need any backup dancers, huge staplers (yes, I mean Sakis), or even color TV; she just has to stand there with confidence, slightly moving to the beat.

Dima Bilan (Russia 2008)

Even though I’ve BS’ed my way through English class saying how much I love cold concrete and snowfooting (walking barefoot in the snow), I can’t really snowfoot for more than half a minute. Could someone please tell me how he’s on the ice for 3 minutes? Or maybe it’s not even real ice but just some material that’s great to skate on….

Loreen (Sweden 2012)

When I first saw the performance, my first thought wasn’t that…

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