‘The Rising Tide of Organic Wine in Australia’ – The Wine Idealist

I know that many of you like the odd glass of wine, and are interested in organics.

Welcome to Wine Idealism...


The idea of letting mother nature take care of things in the vineyard to make for healthier vines, and better tasting wines might seem a little crazy than conventional wisdom would suggest, but the zeitgeist is starting to change.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the food and drink choices they make, which is reflected in the increase in certified organic products available in the supermarket, as well as the many weekend farmers’ markets conducted across Australia today.

Bernard Salt, an Australian demographer and author of The Big Tilt, a book about the Gen-Xers and -Ys taking over from the Baby Boomers, explains how we once lived as ‘in the moment consumers’ – wanting things either right now, or as quickly as possible. Nowadays, he argues we are “seeking redemption for our wrongs” and making more moral, ethical and environmental choices as a motivation for our consumption. This is perhaps…

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