To the island

Meg goes to Slovenia


WARNING: If you don’t want to see any more island-and-snow-capped-peak photos, don’t look at my posts till next Sunday.

Every time I go from the apartment to the lake I feel like a character in a fairy tale who has obstacles to overcome. The workmen are getting used to me now, and I to them. We say hello, and I wait till they’ve finished the current job, this morning loading a dump truck that took up the whole width of the road.

As in any good fairy tale, if you overcome the obstacle you win a reward. Mine was a pletna trip to the church on the island. These boats are highly polished wood with a canopy and a name: mine was Andreja. The oarsman wields two oars, standing at the rear of the boat. They could well be from a fairy tale.

As in any good fairy tale, there…

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